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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I tow with only a car licence?

If you have a full category B licence you can tow a trailer up to 3500kg without the need to take a further test.


  • What is the maximum length and width of a trailer I can tow with a car licence?

The maximum length of trailer you can tow with a car is 7 metres long and the maximum width is 2.55 metres.  Unless special trailer types


  • If my combination begins to snake, what shall I do?

If your combination begins to snake, ease off the gas pedal and let the speed reduce.  If you accelerate the snaking will probably become worse, if you brake, you could end up in a very dangerous situation with the trailer jack-knifing.


Snaking can be caused by a number of situations:

  • A mismatched combination or over weight trailer
  • Driving too fast
  • Load movement within the trailer
  • Passing a larger vehicle
  • Can I still tow a car?

A car being towed on either an unbraked A-frame or tow-pole, rope or tow-cord is technically an unbraked trailer and any trailer over 750kg must be braked.  Therefore normally towing a car could been seen as illegal as the braking and transmission system of the towing vehicle may not be sufficient for the combination.


However, a broken down vehicle in an unsafe position may be towed as an unbraked trailer, only to recover the broken down vehicle to a safe position.  As soon as the vehicle is no longer in an unsafe position, it must be unhitched.    


Transportation of a vehicle is considered differently from recovery of a vehicle and may be subject to different laws, such as the use of Tachgraphs and drivers working hours.  DVSA, formally VOSA, have produced a document relating to towing with an A-frame or a Dolly and is available from our Documents and downloads section.

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