COVID-19 and towing tests

TAG Trailer Towing Training are able to conduct training courses and book B+E towing tests during the current COVID-19 outbreak for certain key sectors.


To be able to book the towing tests during this outbreak you must be in one of the following sectors:


  • health and social care

  • education and childcare

  • key public services

  • local and national government

  • food and other necessary goods

  • public safety and national security

  • transport

  • utilities, communication and financial service


We will be able to liase to the DVSA who will assess your requests, and on approval, we wll be issued a test time, date and the course will then be booked.


During the course, we will follow all the latest government guidelines regarding ensuring the vehicle is wiped down inside.  As this is a course within a training vehilcle, we will not be able to comply with the solcial distancing during the practical driving section.


If you require further information or clarification, please email: