Suitable vehicle and trailer requirements

A suitable vehicle and trailer combination must be supplied for the practical B+E driving test.


The vehilce must be either a manual or automatic transmission.  If you pass the towing test in a vehilce with automatic transmission, you may only tow with a vehicle with automatic transmission.  A car of van may be used for the test, but the vehicle must not be loaded.   Additional exteria mirrors, both nearside and driver's side should be fitted to the vehicle for the examiners use.


The trailer used for the trailer towing test must have a minimum real weight of 800kg.  To meet the requirements, the trailer must be loaded with either 600kg of bagged sand or 1000 litres of water in a intermediate bulk container (IBC).   This will mean that it will be very difficult for individuals to take their own trailer for the test as the loadings must be met otherwise the test will not take place.


The examiner may ask to inspect the load of the trailer.  If the load cannot be checked, the test may not be conducted and you will lose the test fee.


TAG Trailer Towing Training supply full use of a suitable vehicle and trailer during the training course and for the use of the test.