Must I take the B+E towing driving test? Surrey, Kent, London


The towing driving test is required by law if you intend to tow a trailer over 750kg and the combined weight of the vehicle and trailer is over 3500kg.  Your driving licence must show category B+E on your photocard licence.

Driving test centres are situated in Surrey, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Middlesex for the London area as well as numerous locations throughout the UK

If you have passed your category B test (car) before 1st January 1997, you will automatically have this entitlement on your driving licence until your licence expires or if you receive a disqualification and your licence is revoked.

If you passed your driving test after 3rd January 1997 and you wish to tow a trailer that requires +E you must take and pass the B+E practical driving test before you are allowed to tow unsupervised and without "L" plates.

A driver without B+E entitlement can tow a trailer, if the combination of the vehicle and trailer is less than 3500kg and gross weight of the trailer is less than the un-laden weight of the towing vehicle.

If a driver is towing illegally, not only are they towing without the correct licence, but they are probably uninsured, which could carry a maximum of 9 penalty points and a fine of up to £1000, for someone who has passed thier test within 2 years means they will probably lose their licence.  If towing for work, this could also lead to a large fine for the company as well.

If the driver were to be involved in a collision, this could lead to serious consequences for the driver and, if they were towing as part of their duties, the organisation as well as the responsible person within the company, whether the driver was employed, self-employed or a volunteer.


  • Trailer: For the purposes of clarity on this website, the word "trailer" refers to any item which can be hitched to and towed by a vehicle, including horsebox, caravan or vehicle attached by tow-road or bars.
  • MAM: Maximum Authorised Mass, the maximum combined permissible (or gross) weight of the towing vehicle and trailer, irrespective of whether that weight would be carried or not.
  • B: Category B entitlement is normally a car or van with two axles and four wheels with a gross weight not exceeding 3500kg
  • +E: The category required to tow a trailer in over 750kg if the combined potential weight of the towing vehicle and the trailer exceeds 3500kg