Towing lessons.  Towing course.  Trailer training in Kent, Essex and London.  Trailer towing test available to book.

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We can arrange all your training needs from booking the practical B+E trailer towing test, supplying suitable vehicles and trailers for the training package and arranging suitable sites for the training.  All our courses and costs include full use of the combination during training and during the test.  Once the booking is confirm we also supply e-documents to help you full prepare for the training as well as the practical test.


Our specialists can also arrange short courses for those who have the BE category on their driving licence, such as caravan or horsebox towing, hitching and unhitching using safe and best practice techniques, reversing courses and trailer 'type' training courses.  


All of these courses will help organisations comply with the latest Health and Safety regulations and will enhance and develop confidence in individuals.

Trailer towing training courses

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Coverage: TAG Trailer Towing Training Kent, London and Essex.  We have national coverage through our network of business and strategic partners. Towing driving test centres can be found in Surrey Kent and Essex as well as in and around the M25 for all the home counties.  TAG Trailer Towing Training Surrey, Kent, London, Essex and Sussex supply the suitable outfit/combination required for the B+E driving test.


Our instructors have the knowledge to answer your towing related questions. Contact us by email or call 0330 333 4985 now to speak to an adviser


Our specialists have the expertise and knowledge to help meet your needs, whether you are an individual, who needs to tow a horsebox trailer, a caravan or a car transporter for racing, or an organisation who has staff members who need to tow as part of their duties such as plant hire, the breakdown and recovery industry, caterers or arborists.


If you intend to tow a trailer with a vehicle that has a combined weight of over 3500kg you MUST have catergory B+E on your driving licence.  If you passed your driving test before January 1997 you will have this category automatically, which will be item 9 on your photocard driving licence.


If you have passed your practical driving test since January 1997 you must pass the Driving Standards Agency practical trailer towing test before you can legally tow a trailer with a vehicle that has a Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) over 3500kg.


Caravan towing training courses