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Towing a caravan


TAG Trailer Towing Training Surrey, Kent, London, Essex Sussex


Towing a trailer and caravan towing lessons London Surrey Kent Essex and Sussex


Around one fifth of all trailer towing combinations or outfits are car or van and caravan.  Trailers can be of varying sizes however a caravan is normally larger much wider and longer than a box van or horsebox trailer and traditionally have a negative attitude towards them from non-towing drivers who believe that they may well be held up unless they can overtake the caravan.


Tow a trailer or caravan:


Due to the size of the caravan, rear observations are decreased requiring the use of extended door mirrors to reduce potential dangers when turning or changing lanes as well as reducing the zone of vision of following drivers.  This could lead to risks being taken from impatient following drivers frustrated by following the caravan.  Bearing in mind that when a caravan or any type of trailer is on tow the national maximum speed limit for drivers' who tow is speed 10 miles an hour less than car and van drivers.


When towing any combination all drivers must be aware of how their combination will handle, particularly when accelerating/decelerating, negotiating bends and junctions especially roundabouts.  Drivers who tow must make allowances when turning right into junctions to ensure that cutting the corner will not impede or become unsafe and that the swing of the trailer - the line the rear of the trailer takes during a turn, which is dependent on the distance between the rear axle and the rear of the trailer.  The longer the distance the more the swing encroaches on the next lane - and when turning left the driver must allow sufficient room to avoid mounting the kerb with the trailer or caravan but must also not swing out just before the turning.  This may well cause a problem to motorcyclists who decide to overtake prior to the left turn junction.


we ensure that any driver who undertakes our training is fully prepared to tow most combinations and be aware of the potential dangers the combination may have on other road users.  If a towing driving test is required, we will offer advice, guidance and the training to make sure that the driver has the knowledge require to pass the practical test. 


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