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TAG Trailer Towing Training Surrey, Kent, London, Essex                                     07973 248479

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TAG Trailer Towing Training

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Tel: 0330 3334985

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Standards objectives

TAG Trailer Towing Training is committed to offering the highest standard of training in the public and corporate sectors.  The same high quality training will be offered to all drivers aspiring to advanced status, small and medium enterprises and large organisations without compromise; and our staff, instructors, trainers and presenters will be knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.  We are confident that through driver training, education and awareness, we will be able to reach our objective to develop safer drivers.


TAG Trailer Towing Training will whenever reasonably practical and possible:


  • use vehicles that produce less CO2 per km that have less impact to the environment and produce less emissions that may contribute to ‘global warming’ and will at all times use eco-positive driving techniques to further reduce CO2 tailpipe outputs from our vehicles.  Furthermore, we will seek to ensure our company carbon off-sets whenever practically possible using a responsible, sustainable method.
  • endeavour to uphold our responsibilities to our staff, stakeholder, suppliers and customers at all times as well as how our business impacts on the social and environmental levels both locally and nationally.
  • source goods and services at a local level to help sustain the social economic climate within that area.  This includes using staff from our vast network of associated companies and partners.


TAG Trailer Towing Training has a responsibility to all suppliers to pay for goods and services promptly subject to agreed terms and conditions, and TAG Trailer Towing Training would respectfully expect a similar level of financial commitment from our customers.

TAG Trailer Towing Training


For all your towing needs contact us today: 


Phone: 07973 248 479

Email:   towing@tag-trailer-towing-training.co.uk


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Training sites:


East Sussex, Essex, Kent, London, Surrey, West Sussex and selected national coverage.   

Please contact our towing specialists for full details. 

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