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TAG Trailer Towing Training Surrey, Kent, London, Essex                                     07973 248479

ADI B+E training courses

TAG Trailer Towing Training are pleased to offer B+E tutoring courses to existing ADI's looking to diversify their teaching skills and embark on a new tread for driving instruction.


We are able to offer full training to

  • improve the ADI's own trailer towing skills
  • show instructional techniques required when teaching off-road exercises
  • use correct fault identification and anaylsis of clients driving faults
  • market your skills and improve revenue streams


The training is offered nationally and ADI's participating on the course will have the options to join TAG Trailer Towing Training as one of our registered trailer instructors in their area to cover courses booked through TAG trailer Towing Training.


Further opportunities to take advanced and special advanced trailer tests will be available for all ADI's.


This is a growing market and the need for the B+E licence grows year on year since 1997.  Many of our clients are in the corporate sector and are constantly in need for their staff to pass the B+E trailer towing test.


For more information regarding the courses on offer, please call 07973 248479 to speak to one of our specialists or use the link to the contact form and one of our specialists will contact you shortly

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